A. Greg Raymond



A new gallery of landscape imagery has been added to the website. All the pictures were taken through the passenger side window of a moving car, by me, as I was winding my way through Pennsylvania country roads, either on my way to Falls, making the trek to Honesdale, or on my way through Lake Ariel. Some images were captured outside the confines of Pennsylvania. Those pictures happened somewhere between 81 North and Binghamton, NY.

lisa b. page added to photographs


I added the lisa b. page to the photographs section of my website. I’ve worked with lisa b. since 2000. This past season I photographed Lisa’s socks on the very talented ballerinas of the Degnan Ballet Center. You can visit their facebook page here. Lisa’s socks make great gifts for the tough to buy for parents. Her socks come in colors that are easy to match with the color scheme of weddings. The best investment, though would be to buy these machine washable socks for yourself.

John Kascht, Conan O'Brien, Bog Swing Band, and Pappy Biondo


So I’m still fixated on this project I just wrapped up. It is out of my hands and safely in those of The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. I am eager to share the link when it posts on the NPG’s website. It was seven months of working away from home trying to narrate, visually, John Kascht’s truly unique perspective of Conan O’Brien. Piecing together a dialogue with moving pictures was a challenge and I am grateful, as is John, for the support we had from the local creative community. The Bog Swing Band (find them as The Bog Country Band here) supplied the majority of the soundtrack to the film, and Pappy Biondo added a key musical element with his kazoo recording of a song that was written by the lead from the Swing Band, Roy Williams. Please support and encourage them.

lisa b. espadrille


Lisa of www.lisab.com has returned from her latest trade in NYC where she signed her first client from Moscow, Russia. Congrats Lisa! Now that the trade show is over it’s time for me to start shooting the new line of espadrilles for the website. You should follow Lisa on twitter to get all the updates. Fan her on facebook, too.

added a Storefront gallery


Another page successfully added to the new website. Now to catch up on the work I should have been doing instead of the work that I did do.