A. Greg Raymond

Everhart Museum May 2012


After close to six years, I resurrected my darkroom to be a part of an exhibit at The Everhart Museum. Yep, I mixed chemicals, dusted off negatives and bathed silver prints in selenium.

On May 4th, 2012 opens
Directing Sunbeams, Beekeeping in Northeast Pennsylvania. The exhibit is of local interest to accompany the larger exhibit BEEyond, by Rose-Lynn Fisher. Rose-Lynn is the author of the book Bee, which placed third in the International Photography Awards.

Directing Sunbeams, Beekeeping in Northeast Pennsylvania illustrates the trials, tribulations and treasures of beekeeping in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Local beekeepers Renee Czubowicz, Jim Davis, and Ellen McGlynn share images from their experiences. I am not a beekepper, I just thought it would be a good time to tag along with a beekeeper as he extracted a 25 year old bee hive from the side of a church in Equinox, PA.