A. Greg Raymond

Woman Boxer
© 2001

This image was shot with a 4x5 Graflex. In 2001, Scranton hosted the Women's Amateur Boxing Championships. At first I neglected this image in the darkroom for the more obvious boxing ring photographs. This is now one of my favorite images that I have ever captured. I am captivated by the rage and the anger and the aggression of the boxer as she defends herself from nothing. Click here to purchase through etsy.com
Cirque du Soleil Varekai © 2002

I was invited to watch Cirque's performance of Varekai in Philadelphia. I had no idea I would be watching the show from the performer's tent. These are some of the last images I printed in a darkroom before moving entirely to a digital medium. The images were purposely printed small, a little over 3 inches in height, to maintain the intimacy of the evening, and though they can be ordered larger through etsy.com, I have a hard time imagining them any larger.

These pictures hang on my wall and quietly invite the viewer to stare with no inhibitions. The costumes on the Asian jugglers were amazing and their talent was phenomenal. The surreal organic structure of the performer draped over the exercise ball has always been reminiscent to me of an image that could have been created at the Bauhaus in the 1920s. In the image on the right, the hands of the performer remind me of Egon Schiele or Kathe Kollwitz.
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Scranton Trainyard
© 2000

This image was taken with a rickety old 5x7 camera that I often bickered and argued with to no end. I would amend any disagreements, or, at times, concede to the image in the darkroom. I usually expected too much from the lens but it rarely let me down. In this circumstance, the glass rendered for me a train that looks teeny and toylike. I am often asked if it is a model train. It is not.
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New York City Skyline
© 2004

This picture was taken just after sunset from the roof of an Upper East Side building looking south. The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building are visible. The lens, too wide for the camera, projected as much of the image onto the film as possible before falling of the edges and leaving it's circular trademark.
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Cardboard House in an Empty Room

I came across entirely too many empty cardboard boxes and it seemed like such a waste to just throw them away. I cleared out a room and built this house. I was married at the time. I am divorced now. Go figure.
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The Day After Halloween
© 1998

This image was made on the morning of November 1st, 1998, on the porch of a friend living in Chicago. The evening before, Halloween, I had seen Red Red Meat perform at the Empty Bottle. Later that evening, Califone (essentially Red Red Meat) opened for Modest Mouse at the Metro. I think Rolling Stone streamed the concert.
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Liberty Bell

This image ran in the October 2003 issue of United Airlines' inflight magazine Hemispheres. I wrestled with an old 5x7 view camera and struggled to burn the image onto a sheet of film before the moment passed.
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